Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Old House

     If these walls could talk.  Man, the stories they would tell.  It's hard to say goodbye to a place that has seen so many wonderful memories, and had deep enough ground for roots to be sufficiently planted.  If you have read this blog in the past you may have noticed that I have, from time to time, mentioned that the home office of the Uber Dad Chronicles is in lovely Mt. Olive, Alabama.  Well, that is about to change.  After 15 years at the same location we will be closing our doors for the last time, and moving on to the next step in this crazy process called life.  The Perry's are moving to another lovely spot smack dab in the middle of Downtown Kimberly, Alabama.  It's just up the road, but the neighborhood and location fit all the needs of a growing family.  I should have said "growing up," because these children of mine are definitely doing that.  We will be leaving this fine structure of brick and wood, and moving to another.  I noticed that the house that we will be moving into had a name or at least a description of the floor plan that was called "Rockingham."  Sounded fancy to me so I shortened it to "Rocky."  Yo Adrian!  We did it!  Well, I began to think about the old house, and I realized that we never gave the old girl a name.  We just called her home, and I sure will miss waking up inside those walls.  An ode to our home is in order.

     A young couple moved into this house 15 years ago, and started a journey.  They began with high hopes of the future, and a solid plan for a life that would be second to none.  Not long after we moved into 901 Jason Circle we found ourselves at the Birmingham Humane Society.  The plan was to go to the movies that day and see the new Star Wars flick.  I think it was Phantom Menace with Darth Maul.  Who, by the way they killed off too soon, because he would have been a fine mentor for young Darth Vader.  Sorry, back to the story.  The movie plans were cancelled at the last minute, and we ended up at Century Plaza walking around and window shopping.  Little did I know at the time, that the tune of "How much is that Doggie in the window?" would be in our heads.  Smokey and Abby would be their names, and they would bring much happiness and joy to that young couple.  Cheryl has even been quoted as saying, "There would never have been a Jesse and a Maddie if it wasn't for Smokey and Abby."  Smokey was my dog, and Abby belonged to Cheryl.  In fact it is very fortunate that Cheryl came along, because I'm not sure anyone else would have picked that little golden lab mix.  She came into the humane society the same day we were there, and her fur and face were covered in doggie puke and who knows what else.  Cheryl was immediately attracted to the pitiful nature of the dog and asked to see her.  The nice lady that worked there said, "No ma'am you don't want to see that dog."  Of course, in true Cheryl fashion she responded, "Oh yes I do."  She did, and Abby came home with us.  Smokey on the other hand was a rootin' tootin' German Shepard dog that was truly one of the best friends I have ever had.  I won't wax poetic too long about these wonderful animals, but I will quote a sign that Cheryl had hanging in our kitchen for many years:  "Dogs are just children with fur."  That's a fact.  I sure do miss those rascals.

     So we've talked about furry children, but now lets get to the real deal.  The one and the only Jesse Christopher Perry, and the famous hardcore legend Miss Madison Leigh Perry.  Life sure would have been pretty boring around here without those two.  We would have had a lot of money and travelled the world and all, but it wouldn't have been the same.  Jesse came into this world first, and came home to this house.  Cheryl slept by his crib for several months after he came home, because you see Jesse was a miracle.  I know, every child is a miracle, but Jesse truly had a miraculous beginning.  He came about two months early, and spent his first month or so in the NICU at Brookwood Hospital.  He was a whopping 3 lbs. at birth.  An underdog from the start, but just like he does today when staring down a pitcher throwing a fastball....Jesse came to play.  Tough as nails.  Smooth as silk.  Float like a butterfly and sting like a.....wait that catch phrase belongs to somebody else.  My sole male heir and hero extraordinaire is here to stay.  What else can I say about Miss Madison.  I have written so much about her exploits, and she has been quite the muse to my particular type of creative process.  Everything that I have ever wrote about her is true.  She is a hardcore legend.  Fearless.  Strong. A Grifter with a heart of gold.  She's my little firecracker, and she sure has made our family complete.  These two children, which I care about more than life itself, have only ever known one home.  The house was a fine shelter from the storms of life, and an excellent stage for Act I of our family story.  I'm no poet, but let me try and put this into words of meaning.

You could say that it is only wood, brick, and mortar.
I've seen different, this is true.

The brick is like a rough skin that protects precious items from the wind and rain,
The wood is from the original Architect and has long been under skies of blue.

What really matters is what is inside,
The happenings.  Comings.  Goings.  Life.  Love.  Family.

This old house has seen it all,
Mom, Dad, Jesse, and Maddie.

Each life precious, each day lived meaning so much,
All this happened inside walls painted with love.

This old house has been a friend indeed,
Shelter.  Comfort. This place fit us like a glove.

Now we have to say goodbye to our home,
This process surely will not be easy.

Now this old house will serve another,
But the memories we have made will always be.

Thank you old friend.

     Now, with all that said- Bring on some new memories.  We're like SpongeBob up in here...We're Ready!  We're Ready!  The bustling downtown Kimberly area will be the new canvass for the painting of our lives.  Ok, Rocky let's do this!  That's all I got.  Signing off from the new home office in lovely Doss Ferry in Kimberly, Alabama.