Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Your Birthday Says About You: Researching Jan 2, 1972

      January 2, 1972.  The mold was broken on this date.  They say that great men are either born great or have greatness thrust upon them, and greatness was definitely thrust onto the scene in the winter of 1972.  The man born on this date would go on to have an outstanding High School Football career (and I'll tell you all about it if you give me half a chance); 10 years of Law Enforcement service that, let's be honest, rivals that of NYPD Blue's Andy Sipcowicz with a little James Bond thrown in for good measure; then the Coup de gras that changed everything, the famous Uber Dad turn, which led to an unquenchable (if that's a word) thirst for knowledge that had our hero ending up on the lovely campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a 42 year old college senior.  Who would have thunk it.  The second day of January in the year of our lord 19 hundred and 72.  How did all this happen?  Well it's not to hard to figure out when you look closely at the day and the year that good old Perrydawg was born into.  All kidding aside, I have often wondered how in the world I ended up where I am today and why I made some of the decisions that I made.  Some may say fate, some may say kismet, maybe even karma?  Nope.  It all boils down to the day and year you were born.  This became clear when I began to research January 2, 1972. 
     First off some very interesting things happened on the day of my birth, besides the obvious awesome event of being born in the first place.  The Dallas Cowboys defeated the San Francisco 49ers 14-3 in the NFC Championship game the day I was born, and this explains my fascination with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders in my youth.  Also, I was an outspoken Cowboy fan probably up until they fired Tom Landry.  Then I began a bromance with Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers, and that actually led, indirectly, to my marriage to an actual cheesehead from Wisconsin...but I digress.  Another very interesting thing that happened on January 2, 1972 involved the spaceship Mariner 9.  It seems that Mariner 9 began mapping the planet Mars on this day, and that really explains quite a bit.  I'm a huge fan of the "Ancient Aliens" TV series, heck anything to do with aliens at all will bring my viewership.  For the love of Giorgio Tsoukolous it all makes sense!  The most popular movies from 1972 were #1- The Godfather (that's totally why I always use the quote, "Luca Brazi sleeps with the fishes") #2-Last Tango in Paris (I've always wanted to Tango in Paris, this is getting eerie) #3- Deliverance ( I should have stopped at 2, "Squeal like a pig!"  shuddering as we speak)- Hmmmm.  This whole idea is getting more interesting, I think I'll dig a little deeper.
     What was the weather like the day I was born?  Well, I'll tell you what it was like.  It was 63 degrees on January 2, 1972 in Birmingham, Alabama.  No precipitation, and the wind was blowing about nine miles per hour.  Now, I'm going to really freak you out.  I made a 63 on a Physical Science test once in the Ninth grade, and the first number I had in my first ever year of playing football guessed it...number 9.  Goodness, gracious.  You know what else?  I'm gonna tell you what else.... One of the most popular songs of 1972 was "Candy Man" by Sammy Davis Jr.  I love me some candy, especially sweet tarts.  Coincidence?  I think not.  A couple of other big hits from the year of my birth were, "American Pie" by Don Mclean, and you guessed it, I love pie!  Then there was "Popcorn" by a band called Hot Butter, and you know what?  I'm kind of a popcorn nut!  I love the stuff.  This is the kicker, one of the Best Selling books for the day of January 2, 1972 was "The Exorcist" by William Peter Blatty.  I've had quite a few people think that I had the Devil in me in my life.  Mainly, my wife, but also my saint of a Mother who tried really hard to keep the devil at bay.  My Mother in Law Arlene even contemplated placing devil figurines (to represent her son in laws beside the angels (that represented her daughters)- This was a joke, not sure which- the angels or devils?  However, do you see the connection, here!  Amazing stuff!  But, I'm not done yet.
     The Zodiac sign that corresponds with January 2nd is Capricorn.  I'm a goat, or so I've been told.  Jackass wasn't an option I guess.  Capricorn is the sign of stability, calmness, and maturity.  I'm nothing if not stable, calm, and mature.....Ok they missed on those, but they didn't miss on the disciplined nature of Capricorns or that they are some kinda stubborn.  Capricorns believe that their way is always right, and everyone else should just deal with it.  Sounds about right.  However, they also say that Capricorns are supposed to be shy and reserved.  Now my whole argument is blown out of the water.  Let me look at who I, as a Capricorn, would be most compatible with.  FYI, Cheryl is a Cancer or "Moon Child" as she likes to call it.  She's a vegetarian hippie, let us not forget.  Drumroll please......the best match for a Capricorn (me) is a Taurus (not Cheryl.)  However, in a really weird turn of events in this research idea, Jesse is a Taurus.  I'm not really sure what that says.  May need some more research.  However, I believe I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt here today on my blog, The Uber Dad Chronicles, that Astrological signs and the information contained therein are bogus and a waste of time.  I don't want to upset all you Star Children out there, heck I love Aliens and space and stuff, but Zodiac information, like you read in the National Enquirer, is bunk.  That is all.
     You say it's your birthday, nah, nah, nah, nah...It's my birthday too yea!!  Today I will turn 42 years of age, and I'm pretty happy that I made it this far.  There was a time in the not so distant past that I believed I wouldn't make it to thirty.  The whole live fast, die young (with your boots on) and leave a good looking corpse idea.  It was a bad idea, and extremely flawed.  These days, I'm just happy to wake up every day and be a husband and father.  I'm happy that I get to see my kids grow up, and getting older never looked so good!  I may have found the fountain of youth, and you know what it is?  Happiness and Love.  It's all good for this middle aged fellow, but if you want to really know what makes you tick- do some of your own research and you will be amazed with the results!  I should probably patent this process.