Thursday, August 1, 2013

15 Reasons the 70s Rocked: A Rebuttal

     Recently I posted a list of 15 reasons the 80s were better than today as a "Special Edition" and I received some really positive feedback.  However, there were a few people who believed that the 70s or even the 90s were a better decade, and I figured I could make a list for the "Me" decade as a rebuttal to my previous 80s related list.  I have to post a disclaimer here, and say that although I did experience some of the 70s myself- I'm an 80s Dude.  This is 15 Reasons the 70s Rocked by an admitted 80s please be kind.

#15- My, My, My, My, My Boogie Shoes

#14- The Eventual End of Disco

#13- The 1970s version of the Chevy Chevelle for personal reasons.  A guy I once knew saw me pull up in a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that I once owned, and he said, "That Car doesn't fit you."  I asked, "Well, what kind of car does?"  His response, "An old beat up Chevelle."  Agreed.  Nuff said.

#12- I was born in 1972, So the 70s have that going for them

#11- Pet Rocks.  The guy who got rich off that should be Knighted, along with the Chia Pet dude.

#10- Hot Pants and Bellbottoms.  Well one out of two ain't bad.

#9- Folks were eating Fondue, and listening to Meat Loaf.

#8- Superfly and Shaft were playing at the movies.  "Shut Your Mouth", I'm just talking about Shaft.  John Shaft

#7- Boogie everything.  Previously mentioned Boogie Shoes, Boogie Wonderland, Boogie Oogie Oogie, Boogie Fever (Not to be confused with the later Boot Scootin' Boogie), and many other Boogie related things too numerous to mention.

#6- Three words- "John Freaking Travolta" - Whether it was Danny Zuko, Vinnie Barbarino, or the one and only Tony Manero

#5- While we're on the subject of Vinnie Barbarino- The Sweathogs and Mr. Kot-ter (In my best Freddy "Boom-Boom" Washington voice) were way ahead of their time, and should get more credit for their vast influence on pop culture...and my education.

#4- Chips, Starsky and Hutch, Hawaii Five-O, Adam 12, Baretta (Love that Bird), and many others.  The 70s had some awesome cop shows, and as an ex-cop I know a good cop show.  I'm still partial to Andy Sipowicz, but the 70s were really good for that genre.

#3- Greg Brady vs. Keith Partridge....Who ya got?

#2- Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, and Kung Fu Fighting (I'm running out of space)

#1- The Farrah Fawcett Poster.  It was on my wall.  It was on yours too, don't lie.