Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 15 Most Memorable Quotes from my Summer Vacation...So far

The following quotes are from our journey so far, and I believe these are funny even if you don't know the people who are quoted.  I had to expand the list to 15, because there were so many great quotes! I hope it brings a smile to your face, as it has mine!

#15.)  "Yea, that's Phyllis the Diller." -Grandma when asked a question concerning Phyllis Diller after consuming a Blackberry Margarita at TGI Friday's.

#14.)  "No One is as loud as you." -Grandpa in response to a Phyllis Diller/Grandma comparison.  The Blackberry Margarita was still present.

#13.)  "Why in the Hell are all these Moose pictures on my phone." -Me after Cheryl took my phone at the Milwaukee Zoo.

#12.)  "Well I used to wake the morning, before the rooster crowed.  Searching for Soda Bottles to get myself some dough!" -Jesse singing while working on the computer one morning.  Yes that is "The Ballad of Curtis Loew" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, and yes I am very proud.

#11.)  "I wanna go in a Warm Tub, not a Hot Tub." -Maddie explaining her desire to enter the hot tub that wasn't too hot at Aunt Donna and Uncle Scott's house in Milwaukee.

#10.)  "I'm not putting my thumb in a Fish's mouth, He could bite it off...Couldn't he?" -Cousin Logan after catching a "Monster" bass, and being coaxed by me to remove said fish from the hook.

#9.)  "Woooo!  Ric Flair!" -Cousin Justin referring to the legendary wrestler Ric Flair.  I should mention that Justin is not really a wrestling fan, but I was able to educate him.  You're welcome!

#8.)  "Call Him Scott Squibbles."  Cousin Emily speaking with Siri, and telling her how to refer to Uncle Scott from now on.

#7.)  "Hello, Scott Squibbles." -Siri

#6.)  "I don't think you can hurt him, he's been through a lot." -Jesse referring to me and a proposed piggy back ride by Cousin Emily.

#5.)  "Unintelligible.......I'm a volunteer." -Lou the Tour Guide at Miller Park.  A very kind and gracious 137 year old man who who was our tour guide.  He's kind of a Low Talker.  Extremely nice man, but very hard to hear.

#4.)  "Did you get any of that?" -Aunt Donna referring to Lou

#3.)  "Not a Word." -Me still speaking about good ole Lou

#2.)  "Oh my gosh!  That thing came out of nowhere!" -Cousin Justin after being accosted by a rogue duck at the fishing pond.

#1.)  "That's a good one for the blog." -Cheryl