Monday, May 27, 2013

The Top 10 Signs you are an Uber Dad

Have you ever wondered just how to spot an Uber Dad?  Well, sure you have, and to assist in a positive identification of this elusive species of father called the Uber Dad I have provided a Top 10 List.  The following is the Top 10 Signs that you are indeed an Uber Dad......

#10).  The Smell of Spray N Wash is comforting and brings back memories

#9).  Changing a diaper is like a pit stop in the Daytona 500 (13 second average)

#8).  You understand the McDonalds Happy Meal toy rotation

#7).  You know and can state on command the rules of the school car pool line

#6).  You consider Dora and Diego a part of the family

#5).  Date Night has become the ultimate goal of your very existence

#4).  You have used the phrase, "Use your inside voice"

#3).  Women are constantly telling you what you're doing wrong in public places

#2).  Noise during nap time is seen as an act of aggression and is reason for a declaration of war

#1).  You hear the words "Bless his Heart" frequently

There they are, 10 signs.  Happy Uber Dad Spotting!

This Top 10 list is brought to you by our home office in Mt. Olive, Alabama.  Thank you for your support.